Weird Jax Game – Crazy Turnaround

Saturday night, hanging out with the kids, getting a couple matches of League in while they are working the Xbox. I had a couple decent matches with Kong, and a terrible one with Jax (which we somehow won). Anyway, it was getting late, but I decided to squeeze in another one (like I always do) with Jax to make up for my last poor performance.

It all started well. I kept my aggressiveness in check for the most part, but we were getting pushed in lane. I started to loosen up a little too much in my play and got killed… and then got killed, and again, and again. I start apologizing like crazy – I just don’t understand what’s going on. Before I knew it I was something along the lines of 1-8. I know, simply awful….

Then something happened. I started getting my combos timed right and got a kill. Then another, and another. By this time I was starting to item up a good portion of my build. And then kablamo – I leap into the middle of a team fight and, keeping my cool, proceed to get a quadra kill. I was close to penta but decided to pull out and not risk dying.


The game turned around – I was starting to steam roll. I was the power in the game all of the sudden instead of weakling – it was awesome.

But alas, one of our more potent players went link dead… We couldn’t pull it off. After a valiant turnaround by yours truly, the team couldn’t overcome the 4v5 and we succumbed to the pressure at about the 55 minute mark.

Damn hard fought loss… The point to it all, though, is never give up and think your play can’t improve. Yeah, we lost the match and I had a horrible start. But I turned around and began to contribute – don’t ever stop trying!



Here’s the link to the replay if you care to watch.

Here’s the LoLMatches match link.

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