Finally! A Decent Jax Game

My main is Wukong – plain and simple.

However, I recently bought one of Riot’s champion bundles as I wanted to explore some new champs. Not that I was tired of Kong, but wanted to check out some of the different mechanics out there. With that in mind, I wanted someone similar to Wukong – so landed on Jax.

I’ve played a few games with him, but mostly did subpar with him while I was working out his playstyle and mechanics.

Well, after a half dozen matches or so I finally had a decent game – my breakthrough game!


Was I  stellar? Not at all – but his mechanics started to feel natural. I was understanding when to use what, who to use them on, etc.

My playstyle is still way to aggressive – I’m working on that. Once I get that under control both my play with Kong and Jax should improve tons…



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