LoL Tools Series #1

So as I’ve been playing League of Legends I really started to find the interface lacking as far as stats go (I love stats) as well as functionality – which I’ll get into in future posts.

For the purposes of this post I want to cover a little about streaming.

Streaming a game and spectating I thought was a fascinating idea and one I’m happy that Riot implemented. It’s an extremely cool concept that not many other games have out there right now (outside of a few FPS games and whatnot). It’s good entertainment, a great tool for learning a champ, and even more importantly it’s created a viable eSports market.

This discussion won’t cover real streaming – again, that will come later – but the capturing of a spectator replay.

I just discovered that this can be done and it’s stellar. The end result is the ability to spectate a match that has already been completed. For those that have never spectated a match it is like being in the actual match, except you can rove all over the map and focus on each of the champions and / or hotspots to catch all the action – nice!

The tool I want to talk about that enables this functionality is League Replays. The site offers a client program to download which runs in the background and records every match you play – automatically. You can then use the client to watch the recorded replays – in spectator mode – and also upload them to the League Replays website.


From the website you can watch other replays, either randomly or by champion. Extremely entertaining and very educational to say the least. Well worth the download, in my opinion…


Now go get that first blood 😉

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