Bad Teammates

We’ve all had these types….

The match is going bad. You’re down by 20. One or more of your teammates are having bad games. Whether they are trying a new toon, new to the game, or maybe had bad chinese food for lunch – who knows – but you’re getting slaughtered.

Most people understand that the game is just that – a game. Meant for entertainment, as in fun. Losing is no fun, but when you understand it’s a game it’s not the end of the world.

But there are those out there – I like to call them The Elitists – that consider it the end of their world. Who are they? Who knows? 10 year olds who have dedicated their young lives to winning, 40 year old creepers whose only worth is realized in the virtual world – I dunno. But it’s retarded – sorry for my non-pc usage of the word.

Here’s the thing – and this is related to my experience with League of Legends. I’m a sub-30 level guy right now – pushing 21 actually – and the matches don’t mean that much.

You aren’t worried about ELO or anything like that until 30. A loss isn’t that big of a deal. Yes, you may not get as much IP or RP in that loss, but that’s also not 100% true. I’ve had, at times, more gains from a well coordinated loss than I have in a blowout win.

So a loss is a loss, a win is a win – sub-30 it’s all good.

But there are a lot of abusive players out there. I’ve had bad matches where I was just not playing well – my fault. But to be dressed down by someone – who’s not playing all that well themselves – is ridiculous. They are brutal – and everyone hates it. Team chat fills up with “Shut up” and “F**k you” and whatnot.

Once that begins, the match is over. I’ve found that if you lift up those players that aren’t doing that well you have more success than berating them. Teams that are stuck with abusive players lose, period.

I’ve been in matches where I’m rocking and the rest of the team sucks – but rather than beat them up – I offer positive comments. Guess what – we win. Not all the time, but enough to convince me that it’s the way to go.

Now post 30 my opinion may change. But until then, the game is about fun. I’d love to win – but I’m still feeling it out. Take it easy and enjoy it for what it is – a very, very fun game…


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