My Thoughts On Kill Stealing

Kill stealing – everyone loves it, right?

I’ve not yet been in a match on League of Legends where someone hasn’t started complaining about someone else kill stealing.

I understand why people get upset – I really do. It takes away from not only your farm, but your ego.

But really, there are two types of kill stealing:

  1. Intentional being an ass kill steal
  2. Just getting that champion out of the way

The first type obviously sucks. But to be honest, I’ve not seen that much of this. I would say it’s not a high percentage occurrence, at least not in my experience.

The second type happens all the time – and I’m a giant culprit.

I play Wukong for the most part – and his ultimate is a nasty AOE ability. When I jump into a team fight I’m looking to get rid of as many opposing champions as possible – regardless of who has been working on them.

It’s not about score – it’s about the team. Your job is to destroy the Nexus, not kill other champions. It just so happens that you have to kill champions to achieve the overall goal.

So a word of advice to those that are always screaming “KS” – most times it’s for the team. Get in the game and work towards the team goal – dropping the Nexus – and don’t worry about your KDA…

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