I’m Back!

I couldn’t stay away apparently…

I rage quit (my only leave ever) in May of 2013 due to just an incredibly abusive team during a game. It wasn’t just that game, but a build up of overly negative folks – not just towards me – in every match that I played. I got tired of it and the community.

During my hiatus I’d fire up the client to maintain my updates and look back at my career every once in a while. I was progressing nicely before I left and kinda felt like I was ready to get back in the game. But I always decided not to do so. I have to many other games and too many other interests – new fiance, my kids, work – and I didn’t feel like being tied down for 45 minutes listening to folks berate each other.

Well finally, I logged back in and decided to try out Mundo against some bots – at least folks aren’t too intense in bot games. And I’ll be damned, I enjoyed it! I sucked of course (being away for a year), but it started coming back to me a little bit.



I’ve played a few more bot games with Mundo since and I’m realizing how much I missed the game. I’ve decided Mundo isn’t my style, but do think I will go back to my LoL roots and get Sion in game.

So I think what I’m saying is that I’m back into League – and am looking forward to playing lots again. Hopefully the community has become a little better, a little nicer. It would be awesome to play some matches and not have to listen to all the negativity… I’m sure it’s still there, and my hopes are probably too far fetched, but I’m willing to give it a shot again…

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