New Jax Best!

Ever since I got Jax I was alternating between playing him and my main, Wukong.

To be honest, I just wasn’t that good with Jax. It was taking me time to get used to his skills and mechanics and so would tend to not play well. After a few matches of that I’d switch back over to Kong for a few to regain some confidence.

I decided it was time to buckle down, take my lumps, and really work this toon out. I’ve got a decent hybrid carry build, mastery, and rune setup now – at least I think 😉

It’s still a little rough going, but I’m starting to play consistently better – as evidenced by this gem.


The majority of my deaths happened end-game when we were really trying to push to close out the game and I got over-aggressive, which is a known fault of mine.

Nonetheless – good game and a bright spot and, hopefully, future with Jax!



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