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LoL Leadership Ribbon

Not quite sure how I got it, but I finally did 😉 I have tons of Honorable Opponent and Teamwork honor points, but not like an even milestone number for either – perhaps a combination? Regardless – I’ll take it!

Weird Jax Game – Crazy Turnaround

Saturday night, hanging out with the kids, getting a couple matches of League in while they are working the Xbox. I had a couple decent matches with Kong, and a terrible one with Jax (which we somehow won). Anyway, it was getting late, but I decided to squeeze in another one (like I always do) […]

Finally! A Decent Jax Game

My main is Wukong – plain and simple. However, I recently bought one of Riot’s champion bundles as I wanted to explore some new champs. Not that I was tired of Kong, but wanted to check out some of the different mechanics out there. With that in mind, I wanted someone similar to Wukong – […]

LoL Tools Series #2

If you are like me then I am sure that you have probably found the customization options in the client and in-game to be very limited. Maybe severely lacking would be a better term. Well, since this series of posts is on LoL Tools, then we’ll cover a cool tool that alleviates a major pain […]

LoL Tools Series #1

So as I’ve been playing League of Legends I really started to find the interface lacking as far as stats go (I love stats) as well as functionality – which I’ll get into in future posts. For the purposes of this post I want to cover a little about streaming. Streaming a game and spectating […]

Woot – 100!

Just got too 100 wins!!! Woot, woot, woot! Was it with Wukong? No – I had a good game (for me) with Jax, so I decided to let it ride and go with Jax again… Was it a good game? For me – hell no – awful. I needed to stack armor but just didn’t […]

Pushing A Century

Wow – I’ve been playing a little while now. I’ve had my ups and downs with champs and my win rate with it. But once I started going with Wukong, I started to make some nice gains – in both wins and experience. Still not overwhelmingly awesome – but I’ll take the improvement… I’m now […]