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Still Kongin’

I’ve been playing Wukong almost exclusively for a while now, with only a smattering of other champs in matches. I’d like to think I play him pretty well – and have some matches to prove it. However, I know I still don’t play him “great” – there’re too many things I freeze up on in […]

Good Wukong!

Pretty good match, this one:   I took too much magic damage, but outside of that not bad. One of my deaths was actually via turret when I overextended. A few others were in not-so-thought-out teamfights. I’ll take 37-8 KDA any day, though 😉

LoL Teamwork Ribbon

Yay! A few days ago I got this guy Again, not sure what the criteria is to receive these. I have a slew of points in both teamwork and honorable opponent, though…  

LoL Honorable Opponent Ribbon

Woot – about two weeks ago I re-got (not a word, I know) my honorable opponent ribbon. Not sure, exactly, what the criteria is for getting this – or losing it for that matter – but I got it 🙂

Bad Teammates

We’ve all had these types…. The match is going bad. You’re down by 20. One or more of your teammates are having bad games. Whether they are trying a new toon, new to the game, or maybe had bad chinese food for lunch – who knows – but you’re getting slaughtered. Most people understand that […]

My Thoughts On Kill Stealing

Kill stealing – everyone loves it, right? I’ve not yet been in a match on League of Legends where someone hasn’t started complaining about someone else kill stealing. I understand why people get upset – I really do. It takes away from not only your farm, but your ego. But really, there are two types […]