I’m Back!

I couldn’t stay away apparently…

I rage quit (my only leave ever) in May of 2013 due to just an incredibly abusive team during a game. It wasn’t just that game, but a build up of overly negative folks – not just towards me – in every match that I played. I got tired of it and the community.

During my hiatus I’d fire up the client to maintain my updates and look back at my career every once in a while. I was progressing nicely before I left and kinda felt like I was ready to get back in the game. But I always decided not to do so. I have to many other games and too many other interests – new fiance, my kids, work – and I didn’t feel like being tied down for 45 minutes listening to folks berate each other.

Well finally, I logged back in and decided to try out Mundo against some bots – at least folks aren’t too intense in bot games. And I’ll be damned, I enjoyed it! I sucked of course (being away for a year), but it started coming back to me a little bit.



I’ve played a few more bot games with Mundo since and I’m realizing how much I missed the game. I’ve decided Mundo isn’t my style, but do think I will go back to my LoL roots and get Sion in game.

So I think what I’m saying is that I’m back into League – and am looking forward to playing lots again. Hopefully the community has become a little better, a little nicer. It would be awesome to play some matches and not have to listen to all the negativity… I’m sure it’s still there, and my hopes are probably too far fetched, but I’m willing to give it a shot again…

New Jax Best!

Ever since I got Jax I was alternating between playing him and my main, Wukong.

To be honest, I just wasn’t that good with Jax. It was taking me time to get used to his skills and mechanics and so would tend to not play well. After a few matches of that I’d switch back over to Kong for a few to regain some confidence.

I decided it was time to buckle down, take my lumps, and really work this toon out. I’ve got a decent hybrid carry build, mastery, and rune setup now – at least I think 😉

It’s still a little rough going, but I’m starting to play consistently better – as evidenced by this gem.


The majority of my deaths happened end-game when we were really trying to push to close out the game and I got over-aggressive, which is a known fault of mine.

Nonetheless – good game and a bright spot and, hopefully, future with Jax!



Finished My Ribbon Quartet!

Much like the Leadership ribbon, I’m also a little confused as to how I earned the latest ribbon I’ve been awarded – the Mentor ribbon.



Perhaps a combination of all my honor plus some sort of Summoner level threshold?

I don’t know – but again – I’ll take it!

LoL Leadership Ribbon

Not quite sure how I got it, but I finally did 😉


I have tons of Honorable Opponent and Teamwork honor points, but not like an even milestone number for either – perhaps a combination? Regardless – I’ll take it!

Weird Jax Game – Crazy Turnaround

Saturday night, hanging out with the kids, getting a couple matches of League in while they are working the Xbox. I had a couple decent matches with Kong, and a terrible one with Jax (which we somehow won). Anyway, it was getting late, but I decided to squeeze in another one (like I always do) with Jax to make up for my last poor performance.

It all started well. I kept my aggressiveness in check for the most part, but we were getting pushed in lane. I started to loosen up a little too much in my play and got killed… and then got killed, and again, and again. I start apologizing like crazy – I just don’t understand what’s going on. Before I knew it I was something along the lines of 1-8. I know, simply awful….

Finally! A Decent Jax Game

My main is Wukong – plain and simple.

However, I recently bought one of Riot’s champion bundles as I wanted to explore some new champs. Not that I was tired of Kong, but wanted to check out some of the different mechanics out there. With that in mind, I wanted someone similar to Wukong – so landed on Jax.

I’ve played a few games with him, but mostly did subpar with him while I was working out his playstyle and mechanics.

Well, after a half dozen matches or so I finally had a decent game – my breakthrough game!


Was I  stellar? Not at all – but his mechanics started to feel natural. I was understanding when to use what, who to use them on, etc.

My playstyle is still way to aggressive – I’m working on that. Once I get that under control both my play with Kong and Jax should improve tons…



LoL Tools Series #2

If you are like me then I am sure that you have probably found the customization options in the client and in-game to be very limited. Maybe severely lacking would be a better term. Well, since this series of posts is on LoL Tools, then we’ll cover a cool tool that alleviates a major pain point – not being able to setup your builds for use in-game.


LoLStudio 2 is a handy desktop tool that let’s you view champions, items, skills, etc. Which it does ok, but there are dozens of online tools that do that much better.




LoL Tools Series #1

So as I’ve been playing League of Legends I really started to find the interface lacking as far as stats go (I love stats) as well as functionality – which I’ll get into in future posts.

For the purposes of this post I want to cover a little about streaming.

Streaming a game and spectating I thought was a fascinating idea and one I’m happy that Riot implemented. It’s an extremely cool concept that not many other games have out there right now (outside of a few FPS games and whatnot). It’s good entertainment, a great tool for learning a champ, and even more importantly it’s created a viable eSports market.

This discussion won’t cover real streaming – again, that will come later – but the capturing of a spectator replay.

I just discovered that this can be done and it’s stellar. The end result is the ability to spectate a match that has already been completed. For those that have never spectated a match it is like being in the actual match, except you can rove all over the map and focus on each of the champions and / or hotspots to catch all the action – nice!

The tool I want to talk about that enables this functionality is League Replays. The site offers a client program to download which runs in the background and records every match you play – automatically. You can then use the client to watch the recorded replays – in spectator mode – and also upload them to the League Replays website.


From the website you can watch other replays, either randomly or by champion. Extremely entertaining and very educational to say the least. Well worth the download, in my opinion…


Now go get that first blood 😉

Woot – 100!

Just got too 100 wins!!! Woot, woot, woot!

Was it with Wukong? No – I had a good game (for me) with Jax, so I decided to let it ride and go with Jax again…

Was it a good game? For me – hell no – awful. I needed to stack armor but just didn’t for some reason.

Oh well – big XP, big IP, and the hundredth win go to Jax!


Pushing A Century

Wow – I’ve been playing a little while now. I’ve had my ups and downs with champs and my win rate with it. But once I started going with Wukong, I started to make some nice gains – in both wins and experience.


Still not overwhelmingly awesome – but I’ll take the improvement…

I’m now standing at 98 wins and am on the cusp of the century mark – the big 100!

I’ve been experimenting with some other champs – Kha’zix (work in progress), Jax (new and fun) – plus the old standby, Wukong.

Maybe a win with Jax and give the 100 mark to Wukong? Sounds good to me!